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Chrysoperla, better known as Lacewing are known hardy generalist predators, indigenous to South Africa.


Effective against:


  • Aphids
  • Mealybugs
  • Whiteflies
  • Spider mites
  • Scale insects (crawler stage)
  • Psyllids, small Caterpillars & Moth eggs.


Sold in minimum 5000 insects which is suitable for 5m² area (Depending on severity of infestation)


Order process (NB*):


  • Orders must be processed and paid before Thursdays, 09:00am weekly.
  • Your products are shipped directly from manufacturing over the weekend to ensure your products are alive and effective.
  • Orders arive between Mon-Wed the following week.




  • Due to import costs + transport from the Airport in your area - One single courier fee is applicble for collection or delivery directly to client.
  • Please select 'insect delivery' in shipping options to avoid being charged an addiotnal fee for incorrect shipping charges incurred.





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