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Landscaping, Maintenance and Plant sales


Plant Lighting

Top quality lighting brands such as MODUgrow, Nanolux, Sunkraft, Lucilu, Azerwing and more to come!

Growing Mediums

Specially formulated craft soils and other substrates


Soil Health

Keeping your soil happy is key to disease resistance, minimizing fertilizer needs and so many more benefits

- directly reducing the costs of production.

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Pesticides, Fungicides, IPM

Protect your crop from pests and diseases proactively.

Prevention is better than cure

  • Large yields.

  • Pest and disease resistance, Increased root mass

  • Increased plant vigor and health

  • strength against climatic factors such as drought, humidity, heat, etc

Beneficial Microbes, Bacteria and Biological controls



Give your roots a chance with our highly durable and affordable range of pots!


Nutrients, Additives & more...

Boost your yields and quality with our wide range of fertilizers, additives and more.

Specific to every stage of plant growth.


Secret Jardin & Prima Klima Environmental Controls

Secret Jardin provides professionals and beginners powerful and adapted tools.

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