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The PowerPlant Super HPS Lamp is an impressive bulb designed to maximise the growth potential of your plants during the most crucial periods. These lamps deliver a red spectrum of light of up to over 2100 kelvin, whilst maintaining a long life of around 24,000 hours of use. The PowerPlant arc tube technology enables your plants to absorb much more useable light energy without the need of sacrificing light intensity or lamp life.

Furthermore, by using this lamp, you will help your plants grow much larger and far more vibrant flowers. These Lamps are particularly for use within indoor grow room environments. This lamp is great value for money and you should get around 12-18 months of high output before the lumens even begin to drop.

A high-pressure sodium lamp uses sodium to create light. High pressure lamps have more components than low pressure and contain other substances such as mercury. The lamp produces a clarity of light that creates vivid colour from objects illuminated by it.

The arc tube of a high-pressure sodium light is made out of aluminium oxide, due to its resistance to the high pressure, and xenon, a stable noble gas. This is used as a starter for the light because it is extremely unreactive: it does not interfere with the chemical reactions occurring in the operating lamp.

Voltage runs to the light through a ballast, which regulates the current.



  • PowerPlant lamps provide more lumens per watt than other lamps
  • More useable light energy without sacrificing intensity or lamp life
  • Flexible Retro Fit - Both PowerPlant HPS and PowerPlant MH are designed to run on the same control gear
  • Full Spectrum - PowerPlant provides the full spectrum light that plants need, providing richer, more nutritious light
  • Tailored to promote optimum development at each plant growth stage
  • 24000 Life Hours



Wattage - 1000W

Current - 10.3 A

Voltage - 110 V

Lumens - 130 000 lm

Colour Temp - 2000 K

Life Hours - 24 000

PowerPlant1000W Super HPS Lamp


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