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Persimilis (Phytoseiulus persimilis) are predatory mites that feed on two- spotted spider mite (TSM) and other spider mite species. Persimilis provide excellent control of these pests in a wide range of crops and they are among the most widely used biocontrol agents globally.

Adult Persimilis feed on all stages of spider mites, eating up to 20 young or 7 adult spider mites per day. Immature Persimilis feed on the eggs and immature stages of spider mites. Persimilis are fast-moving pear-shaped mites. The adults are red or orange and the immature stages are clear. Their eggs are oval shaped, twice the size of TSM eggs, and they develop an orange tinge as they mature. At 25°C Persimilis multiply twice as fast as their prey.


Sold in minimum 5000 insects which is suitable for 5m² area (Depending on severity of infestation)


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  • Orders must be processed and paid before Thursdays, 09:00am weekly.
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  • Due to import costs + transport from the Airport in your area - One single courier fee is applicble for collection or delivery directly to client.
  • Please select 'insect delivery' in shipping options to avoid being charged an addiotnal fee for incorrect shipping charges incurred.



Phytoseiulus Persimilis


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