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Cryptolaemus (Cryptolaemus montrouzieri) are Australian native ladybird beetles. They are very efficient predators of many species of mealybug and soft scale insects. Cryptolaemus are recognised worldwide as effective biocontrol agents of these pests and they have been exported to many other countries.

Adult beetles are about 4 mm long with an orange head and black wing covers. The larvae grow to 13 mm and are covered in waxy filaments. The larvae look very much like mealybugs and are often confused with them. Adult female beetles lay up to 10 eggs per day (up to 500 in total) directly into mealybug egg masses. Adult beetles and larvae feed on mealybug eggs and young stages. Large Cryptolaemus larvae can also consume adult mealybugs. The life cycle takes 4-7 weeks depending on temperature.


Sold in minimum of 50 insects.


Order process (NB*):


  • Orders must be processed and paid before Thursdays, 09:00am weekly.
  • Your products are shipped directly from manufacturing over the weekend to ensure your products are alive and effective.
  • Orders arive between Mon-Wed the following week.




  • Due to import costs + transport from the Airport in your area - One single courier fee is applicble for collection or delivery directly to client.
  • Please select 'insect delivery' in shipping options to avoid being charged an addiotnal fee for incorrect shipping charges incurred.





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