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The 120lt 8 Bubble Hash Bag set comes with:

  • 25-micron bag
  • 45-micron bag
  • 73-micron bag
  • 90-micron bag
  • 120-micron bag
  • 160-micron bag
  • 190-micron bag
  • 220-micron bag


300mm x 300mm 25-micron press screen

Canvas carry bag



Our Bubble Hash Bags are handmade in South Africa from the finest quality materials and custom sized to fit common bucket sizes available in South Africa. The sidewalls are manufactured from 100% waterproof and extremely durable Ripstop Canvas which is locally made.

We import the highest quality Polyester Mesh from Germany which is first double stitched to the canvas with nylon bonded thread and further sealed with nylon twill tape using The Triple Stitch ensuring our bags don’t tear.

All our bags come with lift straps and nylon drawstrings with firmly grabbing toggles enabling the bags to be held at various depths. Each bag is hand-tested during production however they also carry a Lifespan Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Have a look at our “Lifespan and Returns Agreement” and “How to take care of your Bubble Hash Bags” on our Resources page.


Bag product volumes

Designed to fit (over rim ) 80 lt to 100 lt buckets

120 lt 500mm in diameter can take up to 1800g dry frozen product per run.

Remember to take the bags or measurements with you when you go and buy the buckets.

120 Litre (30 Gallon) 8 Bubble Hash Bag Set


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