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Effective, residue-free management of African Bollworm.

Bolldex is an SC formulation of the nucleopolyhedrovirus (Hear NPV) for the control of Helicoverpa amigera larvae. Bolldex is designed for effective biological reduction of African Bollworm populations and is ideal for use in IPM and Resistance management programs. A suspension concentrate of a Nucleopolyhedrovirus (Hear NPV) for the control of African Bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera) on all crops. A highly effective population management tool


NPV (nucleopolyhedrovirus) is a viral disease of caterpillars that occurs naturally in Australia.

As a pesticide, NPV is highly specific, safe and environmentally friendly (does not harm humans, wildlife or other insects), making it ideally suited to include in an integrated pest management approach.


Application Instructions:


  • Apply 1-2ml/2L water (Chlorine free)
  • Ensure proper coverage of target crop




Application timing - and intervals

  • 1st application with first detetion of bollworm eggs
  • 2nd application 7-10 days after first application
  • Continue applying every 7-10 days as long as bollworm is present



Advanced virus technology for suppression of African Bollworm larvae, manufactured to the highest standard by world renowned virus specialists, Andermatt Biocontrol.

  • Unique virus mode of action
  • Correct timing of application can offer up to 90% control with minimal crop damage
  • Highly concentrated SC formulation
  • Bolldex® has no residue limits
  • Highly-specific target range
  • Good compatibility and excellent shelf life (24 months at 4 °C and infinite when frozen)
  • Natural product with no chemical additives, suitable for organic use



  • Ingestion of even one virus particle ensures mortality. There is no sub-lethal dose. This makes Bolldex® a highly effective population and resistance management tool and ideal for IPM programs.
  • Many opportunities exist for the target pest to ingest virus particles, starting when the eggs hatch. This improves population reduction and damage control to the crop.
  • Bolldex® can be applied at low volume application rates.
  • This allows for effective pest management right up to harvest and gives you residue options for other management needs.
  • As the Bolldex® virus is highly specific it will not harm beneficial insect populations. Bolldex® can be applied without risk to bee populations and secondary pest outbreaks.
  • Bolldex® is user friendly and easily incorporated into chemical programs as long as pH of the spray tank is managed.
  • Non-toxic, no MRL, completely natural, safe for applicators.



Bolldex (500ml) (African Ballworm Virus)


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