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A biofungicide for the protection of pruning wounds on grape vines against Eutypa and for the suppression of Botrytis on crops as specified.


Natural tool for management of foliar and wound diseases like Botrytis and Eutypa.

  • Cost-effective, long-term wound protection.
  • Eco-77® has been isolated from pruning wounds up to a year after application.
  • Reduces plant losses and aids recovery from mechanical or weather related injury (i.e. hail damage).
  • Fewer plant losses resulting from wood rot pathogens like Eutypa.
  • Reduces orchard and vineyard replants and improve productive life as a result of disease prevention.
  • Ideal, residue-free, IPM and resistance management tool.


Concentrated WP formulation of beneficial fungus Trichoderma atroviride strain 77.

  • Locally isolated strain originating from extensive research conducted by the ARC.
  • T. Atroviride fungus grows on wounded tissue, preventing harmful pathogens from entering the plant.
  • Natural organism that works in synergy with the plant.
  • May be applied as both a directed or full-cover spray.


Application instructions:


1g/2L dechlorinated water



Pruning wounds - apply as directed spray onto pruning wounds immediately after pruning



Tunnel, greenhouse or grow room - Apply as a full cover spray as a preventitive or when disease is first noticed, expected due to conditions, repeat as needed.


Download Eco-77-Pamphlet here.

Download ECO 77 AFRIK Brochure here.

Download ECO 77 ENG Brochure here.

Download Eco-77-MSDS here.

Download Eco-77-Label here.

Eco-77 (1kg)


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