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The Antifragile supersoil is a fully loaded living soil with immediate-, medium- and slow release sources of natural organic plant nutrients.


A fully enriched living soil for the pure organic grower. All essential plant nutrients are provided by this complete soil ecosystem throughout the vegatative and flowering phases, covering the plant's full life cycle. The continuous nutrient release processes are dependant only on microorganisms, plant roots and the addition of clean water. The holistic nature of natural ecosystems is to improve with time, making systems antifrafile in response to cllaneges. The antifragile system regenerate itself continuously.


  • Excellent for intensive organic cultivation of cannabis plants
  • Performs best without added nutrients
  • Abundant in natural beneficial microbes
  • High nutrient content - not suitable for nitrogen sensitive plants
  • Plant age restriction - not suitable for plants younger than 4 weeks (not including cloning/germination time)
  • Use Freedom farm fabric pots for additional plant benefits
  • 0 Nutrient inputs required (From Veg to Harvest)


  • Mix half strength for Indoor (Organic classic reccomended for top half of pot)




Freedom Farms Antifragile (Living soil) (30L)


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