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Control temperature and maximise the power of your grow lighting with the PowerPlant AeroWing Reflector.  The PowerPlant AeroWing Reflector is an enclosed, air-cooled reflector designed to fit easily into a ventilation system.  


  • Air-cooling prevents heat build-up – particularly useful in summer months
  • Closed-end design concentrates light over a specific space, minimising wasteful light dispersal into the environment – light is directed towards the plants
  • Enclosed design allows you to lower the light closer to your plants without burning them – ideal for a smaller tent
  • Airtight unit means that unwanted smells are not picked up and transmitted through the ventilation system

Tech Specs:
1 x MAX 600 W HID E40 Lamp
Mains Voltage - 220-240 V | 50 Hz

Air-cooled, closed-end reflector, used for mounting a horticultural lamp and reflecting the light in the direction of the plants being grown.  The reflector connects into a ventilation system allowing for the lamp to be air-cooled.

Science behind the product:
Using a reflector is the best way to make the most of your lamp.  Without a reflector, a lamp would just shine into the open environment.  This would be an inefficient usage of the lamp as the light's energy would not be focused on the plants.  While the plants would still get a little bit of light, without a reflector the intensity of the light would not be high enough to ensure optimal growth.

An air-cooled reflector also helps mitigate the problem of heating caused by grow lighting.  HPS and MH lamps create heat, contributing to high ambient temperatures which can cause plant stress.  Air-cooled reflectors give growers more control over the temperature of their growing environment.

PowerPlant AeroWing Reflector - SE 150mm


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