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Nutrition tailored to the reproductive growth phase.

V12 Finish is a unique blend of specific minerals and amino acids designed to support the crop during the final stages of reproductive growth.


Biostimulation of the reproductive phase – fruit full, colouring and shelf-life.

Potassium and phosphorus in V12 Finish assists fruit full, ensuring maximum yield potential is achieved.


  • Optimises fruit full and ripening.
  • Assists the plant in achieving maximum yield potential.
  • Improves fruit size and quality.


Application Instructions


  • 100 - 200ml/10L as a monthly application


Download V12 Finish brochure here.

Download V12 Finish Stage Nutrition here.

Download V12 Finish Foliars 2014 here.

Download V12 Finish Biostumlants brochure here.

V12 Finish (5L)


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