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Nutritional support for early growth phases.

V12 Initiate is specially formulated for use during the crop germination and initial crop growth phases.


Biostimulation of the initial growth phase – germination or bud burst.

Calcium, silica and micronutrients in V12 Initiate support rapid growth in the early stages.


Nutrition for germination and early growth phases.

  • Improves rate of seeding emergence and produce a more even crop stand.
  • Improves seedling vigour and produce stronger seedlings.
  • Sets the platform for optimum yield.


Application Instructions


  • In furrow or foliar spray minimum dilution 1:100 ratio or 100ml/10L water for a monthly application. Weekly 50ml/10L


Product description: Specific plant supportive macro and micro elements chelated with
amino acids blended with a range of organic plant growth stimulants.
Uses: Fertiliser
Composition: Kelp, Gypsum, Diatomaceous earth, Macro and Micro element mix
Dangerous ingredients: None

V12 Initiate (30kg)


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