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The all-in-one foliar fertiliser.

V12 Multi is the all-in-one vitality package incorporating a full spectrum of inorganic, amino acid chelated nutritional elements.


N, P and K plus a full range of micronutrients.

Added vitamins for combatting stress.


An A-Z nutritional package for use as a tonic during key developmental phases to ensure optimum nutrient availability or to aid recovery during or after stress.


Application Instructions


  • Foliar application Rate:
    • 1:100 ratio or 100ml/10L water for a monthly application. Weekly 50ml/10L

Dilution rate 1:100.

Apply as necessary.
Ideal for use when crop is under stress and during critical growth phases.

Precautions: When mixing with other fertilisers always jar test for compatibility. Mix well before dispensing into application tank.



V12 Multi (1L) (all-in-one foliar fertiliser)


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